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It’s not just what you do, but how and when you do it.

You can maximize your workouts with up to 3 times better results and see results 80% faster than on your own.

Let an experienced certified personal trainer build and deliver your ultimate personal exercise plan with our in home personal training programs.

Since 2005, we are committed to your success.

Your mobile personal trainer brings the workout to you virtually. And with The Fit Body Project, it’s more than just a workout.™

My personal training programs maximize your workout in 4 ways:
  1. Design

  2. Structure

  3. Timely, and

  4. Big Picture

 What does that mean for you?

Uniquely designed, just for you. Based on your goals and experience.

You can reach your fitness and health goals in our following specialties:

  • Weight loss

  • Toning & definition

  • Pre- and post-natal


For health, happiness, and look and feel better (for good!) – Commit to making a positive change for yourself.

I am committed to your success.


I promise to listen to you, watch you, and work with you every step of the way to tailor each and every workout to making you successful today and for tomorrow.

Our mission is to treat every client as unique, because we care about your success as an individual. We commit to being flexible and adaptable through our strengths of attention to detail and keen perception to drive you towards long-term lasting success.


"I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea for any services she provides. She is an exceptional entrepreneur, infectious motivator and excels in her domain. In April 2009, I fractured my ankle and was practically immobilized for several months, which rendered me physically out of shape and very tentative regarding what exercise programmes were suitable for me. After some research, I contacted Andrea from Trinity Training. From our first meeting, I recognized in Andrea professionalism, good business practices and a warm and respectful individual. Andrea knew exactly when to push me and when to modify exercises to avoid strain on my ankle. Before long I grew stronger, energized and looking forward to our 7:00 a.m. work-outs. Throughout she was reliable, punctual and always pleasant (a lot of fun actually). Andrea also introduced me to Zumba Gold, my daughter and relatives joined and we had a great time."

Joanne - Ottawa, Ont,