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You are here. This is your time.

Let's get started. There is no pressure, no rush, no competition. This is just for you.

Choose what speaks to you today
- a supportive stretching and relaxation using the wall? 

- a gentle relaxing yoga practice?

- a short but feel-good Fit in 15 stretch?

Find space to lay out a yoga mat or just comfortable space on your carpet. Take off your shoes and socks. You're ready - just select your preferred class below and press play,

If you've enjoyed these sessions, consider gifting yourself live online yoga classes.  How amazing would it feel to regularly take this time for yourself to relax and recharge?


Keep this positive self care momentum going with a 5 or 20-pack of classes.

Get started with a single drop in for just $5 when you use code SUMMER5.

Contact Andrea for a personal recommendation based on your goals.