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You are here. This is your time.

Let's get started. There is no pressure, no rush, no competition. This is just for you.

Choose what speaks to you today
- a supportive stretching and relaxation using the wall? 

- a gentle relaxing yoga practice?

- a short but feel-good Fit in 15 stretch?

Find space to lay out a yoga mat or just comfortable space on your carpet. Take off your shoes and socks. You're ready - just select your preferred class below and press play,

If you've enjoyed these sessions, consider gifting yourself live online yoga classes.  How amazing would it feel to regularly take this time for yourself to relax and recharge?


Keep this positive self care momentum going with a 5 or 20-pack of classes.

Get started with a single drop in for just $5 when you use code SUMMER5.

Contact Andrea for a personal recommendation based on your goals.



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Relaxation Yoga, using the wall (Oct 4, 2020)

Relaxation Yoga, using the wall (Oct 4, 2020)

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Gentle Yoga (Nov 22, 2020)

Gentle Yoga (Nov 22, 2020)

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Hatha Yoga (June 13, 2021)

Hatha Yoga (June 13, 2021)

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Fit in 15s


  • Live Online Classes 5x/week

  • On-Demand Class Library of over 100 Classes!

  • Personal Goal Setting & Kickstart Session with Andrea

  • Monthly Personal Check-in Sessions for continuing members

and so much more!

Another perk with Team Fit Body, there’s no need to individually book any classes - your membership

is all inclusive! 


Once you sign-up as a member, the Founder of The Fit Body Project, Andrea Sandhu, will personally message with you within 24-48 hours with all the details you need to successfully kickstart your journey! 


  • You'll unlock the password protected access to our Members-Only On Demand class library to start right away

  • Plus, access to our private ZOOM virtual studio for live classes

So on the day of your first live class, just throw on that workout gear (or whatever easy-to-move-in light weight clothing you have) and grab a bottle of water.


Get ready to:

- Connect with some awesome ladies!

- Sweat it out and learn to love the burn!

While feeling:

- Supported to work at your own level

- Successful for getting it done!