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Do something great for your body, and feel a sense of accomplish by completing a mini 6-week virtual fitness program!

Bootcamp, Yoga, and Zumba

Any single 6-week program is $49 (hst included).

Double-up with another 6-week program in the same session, and get them both for just $79.


(Note: If combining Bootcamp with another program, or booking 2 non-Bootcamp programs, you will receive the $19 in booking credit).


  • Bootcamp 

    • Mondays 9:25am, and/or

    • Thursdays 7:15am

  • Zumba® + Core:

    • Wednesdays 12:05pm

  • Yoga Classes:

    • Sundays 9:15am

Online Fitness Classes and Workouts with Andrea Sandhu The Fit Body Project

Each 6-week program includes a 15-20 minute 1-on-1 planning session with your trainer!

We kickoff with a 1-on-1 virtual session to:

- Discuss your current and past routine and any injuries

- Make a plan to work safely where you are now,

- Discuss what individual steps to take to improve & get the most from your 6-week session

Looking to improve your fitness, lose fat, and get stronger?

Book a 6-week Bootcamp.

Looking to improve your flexibility?

Book a 6-week Yoga session.


Looking to burn calories, have fun, and tone your abs?

Book a 6-week Zumba + Core session.

Try a sample on-demand workout with us now!

​Variety is the spice of life! 


Each workout will progress from the previous week's session to help you improve; plus, we will also include new exercises or variations on movements to keep things interesting!

Meet Your Trainer 

Your trainer, Andrea Sandhu, has been teaching fitness classes for 17 years. She is a master of modifications, making sure every one feels comfortable and successful in each class.

Andrea Sandhu is an original ZES™ with Zumba® and has travelled the world training new instructors how to teach, presented at major international fitness conferences and been featured on in educational videos for instructors.

To learn more about Zumba® with Andrea, visit her official Zumba Instructor Page

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