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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Approach to Fitness

Spring cleaning doesn't have to stop at your closet! It's the perfect time to check in with your healthy lifestyle habits and fitness routine.

Create an approach that makes you feel energized, ready to rock your day with movement.

Here's how to do it!

1. Check in with your "why"

Get out your pen and paper and answer: What motivates you to move; what is your fitness "why"?

Stuck? Here are some common answers we see at The Fit Body Project:

  • Health benefits - physical or mental

  • More energy

  • Better mood

  • Build strength

  • Lose weight

  • Better sleep

  • To de-stress

  • Build confidence

  • Community/network/socialize

  • To keep up with kids

  • As a hobby or for fun

  • For aesthetic reasons

It's okay to have multiple answers! Just make sure that your answers feel true to you.

Your motivation to move could (and likely will) change throughout your life. It's important that your "fitness why" addresses what you need at this moment, so you can constantly create motivation to maintain your workout routine. We conduct monthly check-ins with our Team Fit Body members at The Fit Body Project for this very reason!

Now that you've written down your answers, evaluate how they make you feel. What answer(s) excite you most? Are there any "whys" that no longer serve you at this point in your life? Are your answers for you or for someone else? Be honest with yourself!

We recommend really going deep with this and focusing on a feeling rather than a look. As Jenna Corsi, Dietitian, says: "Healthy doesn't have a look. Being fit doesn't have a look. Being strong doesn't have a look."

Maybe if you're a mom like many of our Team Fit Body members are, perhaps your deeper why is to make memories with your kids, to be a role model to them for their future health! Connect your emotions to your why and your why means more. Go deeper to remind yourself why you're working towards your goals (and why they are your goals in the first place!)

Next, keep the reasons that spark joy and scrap all others. Write your "happy whys" down and keep them in a place you can easily access if you ever find yourself struggling with motivation.

2. Re-evaluate your routine

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." -Mike Murdock

Get honest about how your current routine makes you feel. Are you energized or exhausted? Are you excited or bored? What's working? What's not?

The goal is to create a routine you can't wait to wake up to each day. Now, create it for yourself!

Here are some aspects to consider:

  • The amount and types of movement you're doing

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Eating routine

  • Hydration

  • Community & social time

3. Cultivate a growth mindset

"Love your challenges. Be intrigued by your mistakes. Enjoy your efforts and keep on learning." -Carol Dwek

Many of us live in fixed mindsets without even realizing it. We try something a couple of times, fail, assume we are terrible at it, give up and never try it again. We stay stuck in a chronic state of stagnation; comfort.

At The Fit Body Project, we want to encourage you to grow out of your comfort zone! Try something new, make mistakes, learn lessons, and grow from them. In other words, live from a growth mindset - believe you have the ability to develop new skills.

When challenges come your way, approach them with curiosity, and evaluate what you can do to improve next time. Put consistent effort in and watch yourself grow. We're here to cheer you on!

4. Make room for fun

In a similar vein of growth mindsets, it's important to shake up your routine just for the fun of it! Why not try out a new class format? Why not take your workout outdoors once a week? Why not invite a pal to join you, even if virtually! We say shake it up; keep it interesting!

At The Fit Body Project, we believe a variety of movement is the key to consistent movement. That's why we offer a range of classes and monthly challenges - everything from strength training to Zumba, to cardio, to barre, to yoga... variety is key to keep your body and mind fresh and engaged.

We understand it can be intimidating to try something new and are here to support you!

If you're feeling shy to join in a live class in a new format, try a class out on your own first, then join us for a live class! You can check out our free On Demand class demos to get a taste first, then jump in for the full live experience.

When you're attending live virtual classes, check with the instructor but you should be able to keep your camera off. There is definitely benefit to having the instructor to able to see to keep you safe with your technique. But get there when you're ready!

At the Fit Body Project we never want our participants to feel uncomfortable, so if it's more comfortable for you we support your choice! That's just another perk of the virtual space - a live class but no one else in your space or face to watch.

When you find something you love, sometimes you do just want to stick with it for a bit and that's okay! Our full On Demand library of all of our different class formats is always available anytime for all of our Team Fit Body members, with new classes added every week.

And always remember, you don't need to already be great at something to start - you just need to start!

Are you planning on spring cleaning your approach to fitness? Did any of these points offer a fresh perspective? We'd love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

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