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8 Simple (And Fun!) Ways To Add More Movement To Your Day

Physical inactivity is a really big deal! Sitting has even been coined as the new smoking by Doctor James A. Levine, MD. He believes we are sitting ourselves to death. Here's the kicker: he's not wrong!

Lack of physical activity is indeed associated with mortality, an increased risk of disease, and more physical and mental health complications - not fun!

Our bodies are made to move.

The benefits of movement are seemingly endless. Our bodies were made to move for a reason! It's not just about burning calories; it's about showing your body love by doing something healthy for it (and finding fun in the moment!).

We could all use a little more fun! Why not, right?! At The Fit Body Project, we believe and know it's possible to find joy through movement. Let's have more of that, shall we?

The good news is it's easier to add more movement to your day than you may think! Read on for 8 simple ways to add more movement to your day. As you go about your daily tasks try your best to be mindful and ask yourself "How can I bring more fun to this moment?" Then roll with it. You'll feel so much better for it!

1. SET MOVEMENT REMINDERS If you already spend a lot of time sitting, try using a fitness tracker or smartphone to set yourself movement reminders throughout the day. Break up sedentary time with on-the-spot jumping jacks, a walk around the block, or even a simple stretch sesh. Do whatever feels good to you - just get moving!

Tip: If you're able to select the tone or song that your device uses alerts you, choose one that you can't resist dancing to. You'll get on your feet fast, and look forward to it!

2. SAY HELLO TO "NEVER A BORE" CHORES Who said doing chores always has to be a bore? Cut that mindset and try to see it as an opportunity to infuse more fun and physical activity into your day!

  • Laundry - do squats or turn on a groovy playlist and dance while folding items

  • Dishes - do calf raises as you rinse dishes, squat as you place items into the dishwasher

  • Cooking - while your food cooks, do some modified push-ups or mountain climbers using your kitchen counter

  • Cleaning - dance it out while dusting & sweeping, hold a squat as you wipe down surfaces. If you're already on the floor, do a plank!

3. TAKE THE LONG WAY If time permits and you see an opportunity to take a more scenic or lengthy route - do it!

  • Take the stairs instead of elevator/escalator

  • Get off the subway or bus a couple of stops early

  • Park your car further away from your destination

  • Take the long way home on your bike, walk, or run

4. TURN UP YOUR TUNES There are few moments as wonderful as when an amazing song makes a sneak appearance - whether it be at the grocery store or your playlist on shuffle at home or on a walk. Why not turn that moment up with a mini dance party?!

Shake and shimmy solo, or grab a loved one (kiddos will especially enjoy this) to join you for the fun!

5. STRETCH IT OUT Stretching is an excellent way to release tension and get rid of stagnant energy throughout the day.

If you've been sitting for awhile, opt for more dynamic stretching - that is, stretches that move - vs static stretches you hold. Static stretches are safer and more beneficial when your muscles are already warmed up, think after a walk or run.

6. ADD MOVEMENT TO A DAILY HABIT If you have trouble remembering to move your body with intention throughout the day, try adding a movement habit to another one your usual daily habits! For example:

  • Squats or pacing while brushing your teeth

  • Tricep dips before you get in the shower

  • Planking before sitting down at your desk

  • Calf raises while you wait for your coffee to brew

7. DO THE WALK AND TALK We love a multi-tasking moment - especially when it means we get to enjoy more movement! Walking and talking is an awesome combination.

  • Feeling stuck in the office? Take a walking meeting on your phone or with your co-worker in person if you can. Bonus points for fresh air!

  • Get your steps in AND catch up with a loved one on the phone. Whether you pace in your home or get outdoors, every step counts!

  • Note: If you choose to go the phone route and are walking outdoors, please remember to be safe! Avoid texting and walking (this combo does not pair well!) and always stay aware of your surroundings

8. ENHANCE YOUR ERRANDS WITH EXERCISE Errand runs are an awesome opportunity to squeeze in more movement! Try these tricks:

  • Pick up the pace as you walk

  • Practice deep belly breathing to active the pelvic floor while you wait in line

  • Use your bags as dumbells to sneak in bicep curls

  • Park further away from your destination to walk more

  • Skip the drive-through and go inside to get those extra steps in!

  • If you're taking public transit, opt to stand instead of sit (this is a great way to work on your balance!)

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us: what are your favourite ways to add movement to your day? Comment below!

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