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Easy Almond Milk

So easy, yummy & healthy! Homemade almond milk.

Making your own almond milk helps you save money and is so satisfying! Plus, helping reduce waste without all that extra packaging.

Keep the pulp for extra nutrition 💪 (and less work!) - great with steel cut oats for simple breakfast.

I get a big tub of Great Value brand natural almonds from Walmart. Organic would be best but this works for me and our budget. It‘s about $16 for 1.13kg and lasts awhile!


1 cup whole natural raw almonds

3 cups of water


1. Soak 1 cup raw almonds overnight.

2. Drain, dump into your Vitamix (or other high powered blender).

3. Add 3 cups of water.

4. Blend on low, slowly increase to high speed for about 45 seconds or until desired consistency.

Tip: If you want the smooth taste you get from store bought, you easily can. You’re just going to need to strain to get rid of the pulp before you store.

How to Strain:

- Pour your almond milk from Step 4 through your strainer (cheesecloth, nut milk bag, or you could use fine mesh sieve/paper towels),, with a bowl underneath. You'll have smooth yummy almond milk with no pulp remaining!

Bonus! Save the pul.p for added nutrition in baking. (More on that another time!) Or,

just toss the pulp in your organics compost bin.

That’s it! Store in the fridge, use within about a week.

Heads up, it’s normal it may separate a bit, just shake before use and you're good to go!

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