Why I Love Teaching Zumba Fitness Classes

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Fitness is fun! Okay okay, I know. Not for everyone - or at least not when you first start or when you’ve tried other workouts before.

But I love how I can help people find the joy of movement. It IS possible my friends.

And my Zumba fitness classes are one of the easiest ways I get to do that.

The Zumba class format was literally designed as “exercise in disguise”! There’s no counting reps or barking orders - in fact, we don’t even speak! What? But…”how do I follow the moves?” you’re wondering.

It’s simple. Feel the music. Just like your favourite song on the radio, you know that rocking chorus is going to come back again and again. And that’s how it works in a Zumba class. We don’t count the steps or put together complicated combinations. We have 1 or 2 moves per each part of the song. When the music changes, the move changes. And then when the music repeats (like that chorus coming back), we repeat that first same move.

We keep it simple so you can focus the fun!

Plus, it’s my job as your Zumba Instructor to do the thinking for you.

I will cue with my hands, my eyes, pointing and counting with my fingers - and a favourite of many participants - my face! You may not know exactly what the move is at first, but you know when I show 2 fingers and point to the side - it’s 2 of something and going to the side (for example). Then you just copy what you see!

And none of us have to be exactly the same. It’s not a dance class, it’s not a strict fitness class. It’s a dance-inspired fitness class, to a variety of great music from around the world!

I love the Zumba fitness format because it takes away the work of the workout and you just get to move! Don’t get me wrong, we’ll be working - it just doesn’t feel like work in the moment. Until class is over and you’re walking away dripping with legs and arms pulsing - and with a giant smile on your face.

Seeing my participant’s smiles while they dance. The look of joyful when you nail a move you’ve been struggling with - this is why I do it.

I love how it connects us. We aren’t just coming together for a workout. It’s a community coming together for connection.

In today’s climate of self-isolation, I’m so grateful to be able to offer virtual Zumba classes via ZOOM. I love if you have your camera on so it’s like we’re all dancing together. Though how great an unexpected bonus of this new virtual class world - if you don’t want to put yourself out there for anyone else to see, you don’t have to! Just keep your camera off, and you can dance your heart out. I bet though after a few weeks, you’ll surprise yourself and be throwing on your new favourite colourful Zumba top, camera on and sound blasting, ready to rock that dance floor!

Zumba Instructor & Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) member, since 2007 1 of 3 Canadian Zumba Education Specialists (ZES), licensing new Zumba instructors since 2009

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