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5 Powerful Ways To Say "Thank You" To Your Body Daily (and appreciate it just as it is)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

In our culture, body criticism, rather than body gratitude, is commonplace - especially for women.

It seeps into our conversations in seemingly harmless, nuanced ways, such as casually passing on dessert (even if we want it!) because we feel guilty or that we would have to “work it off” later. Sound familiar?! We're right here with you, girl.

Now, here's the game-changer!

What if we flipped the script and got mindful of the way we speak about our bodies?

For example, what if, instead of critiquing our body for not fitting into a particular piece of clothing and then vowing to restrictively diet and do HIIT daily, we reframed the issue as being with the clothing?

What if we told ourselves, "these jeans weren't made for my body at this moment, and that's okay" or even "my thighs are too powerful for these pants"? How much better would that feel?!

The way you speak about your body matters. The way you treat your body is equally important, too. As the Team Fit Body mission goes: you deserve to live a healthier, happier, more confident life!

With that, in the heart & spirit of Team Fit Body and the month of love, we've rounded up a list of powerful ways to thank your body daily. We hope this list will inspire an attitude of gratitude and endless self-love!

Are you ready? Let's begin!

1. Take a moment to reflect on everything your body does for you. Everything you have experienced in life up to this point has been possible because of your body. It's incredible when you stop to take the time to think about it!

Try listing 3 things you're grateful that your body allows you each day.

Whether it's as simple as the ability to reading this article or being able to move your body; you'll find there's so much to be grateful to your body for, and that it is perfect as it is. We hope this motivates you to treat it well!

2. Nourish to flourish. One of the simplest ways you can thank your body is by fuelling up with nourishing, nutrient-dense foods. In other words, foods that make you feel good inside and out. This doesn't mean limiting yourself to a restrictive diet. At The Fit Body Project, we believe that treats (not cheats) can be a loving way to thank your body, too.

And hey, don't forget to hydrate with water!

3. Move it. Our bodies were made to move! Movement allows our heart, a muscle, to circulate blood throughout our bodies. Endorphins, released when we exercise, make us feel happy. Just move! Anything is always better than nothing. Give your body the gift of movement by booking a class with The Fit Body Project here today.

4. Rest. There's nothing better than waking up after a night of deep, restful sleep. Show your body love by prioritizing rest time, too. Rest shouldn't be limited to your nightly sleep sessions.

Plan rest days from your formal workouts. And take rest moments throughout the day even on full days!

We don't need to be in a constant state of doing. We need to allow our bodies time to just be as well. After all, we are human beings (not human doings). A gentle, relaxation or chill yoga class is a great place to zen out and just be in the moment. Sunday mornings is our Team Fit Body yoga day, taking time to shake off the week and reset for a great week ahead. Book your yoga session with us here.

After a long day, instead of zoning out in front of the TV, take that one extra step to ready the bath and then just soak! Lavender epsom salts after a full active day hit the spot (trust us!)

5. Breathe deeply. Healthy stress management is a crucial part of well-being. Learning simple breath work techniques can go a long way to helping your body cope, and access a calmer place whenever you need to. Your breath is a powerful tool that you can access at any time and anywhere - use it!

Feeling inspired? We'd love to hear from you! In a comment below, tell us how you thank your body. You never know who you may be inspiring!

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